Motorcycling Anti Pollution Mask

This motorcycling anti pollution mask is a must have for anyone traveling on the open road, especially in built up urban areas.

HELTH BENEFITS – Active carbon filters isolate 99-percent of all dust, chemicals, fumes and particulates, especially those that contribute to allergies

COMPATIBLE FIT – This mask has a perfect combination of ergonomics, it's size can be adjusted to fit almost every head type.The aluminium support can be moulded over the bridge of anyone's nose, providing great stability and comfort when wearing.

EEFICIENT DESIGN – The mask has a unique ventilation design, when you inhale only the pure air will filter through into the mask through the open vent valve and through the carbon filter, then when you exhale the CO2 from your exhalation will be released without restriction enabling you to breath comfortably when riding.

Material: Cotton
Feature: Anti-Fog, Dustproof, Windproof
Suit For: Motorcycle, Cycling.

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