Motorcycle Padlock Alarm

Thieves are everywhere. Bikes and motorcycles are stolen every now and then. Typical door locks can easily be cracked open. It's important to feel safe about your investment so it's time to get the new Motorcycle Padlock Alarm! It has a built-in movement triggered alarm which emits loud sound when the lock is hit or shaken. Put an end to fear of losing your investment today!

Product Features:

✅ 110 dB Alarm; Built-in movement triggered alarm.
✅ Anti-cut, Corrosion Resistant and Waterproof

✅ Hot Processed and Hardened Shackle (With Rubber Coating)
✅ Suitable for all weather conditions.
✅ Can be set to two states: Mechanical lock and Alarm. Low false alarm rate. Low power consumption.


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