Motorcycle Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Keep your motorcycle's tires at the proper pressure all of the time with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System designed specifically for motorcycles.

Get alerts if pressure is low or a leak is detected right on your smartphone.

This small but fine system is robust, water-resistant and can be securely attached to all 2 tires within minutes.

Product Features:

✅  Smart application of the built-in Bluetooth simple connect your smart device with APP. This application allows drivers to monitor tire pressure and temperature at the same time simply by looking on their smart device.
✅  TPMS dynamically monitors tire pressure, which can prevent puncture and damage of car parts caused by flat tire. Improve fuel efficiency, prolong tire life, increase traffic safety and avoid abnormal wear of vehicle parts.
✅  Mini compact design made from durable, lightweight material so they do not affect the tire's operation by weighing it down.
✅  It has 2 external sensors which are easy to be mounted and replaced.

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