Shipping Policy

General Item Shipping

Many of our items are shipped directly from the USA, while others may be shipped internationally, in some cases directly from our suppliers.  Shipping times vary; we aim to process and ship your order within 3-4 working days, and estimated delivery can be 7-28 days (USA and Europe) and 15-45 days (Other countries).  

Some items may take longer if shipped internationally, depending on various factors, such as which postage service/company is being used, delays with customs and poor weather.  If your non-liquid item does not arrive within 60 days, we guarantee a full refund.

Special Item Shipping

Special items are defined as items which by their nature, are unable to be shipped by our fastest methods. Included in this category is any item which contains batteries or may contain liquid or alcohol, such as cleaning liquids or ceramic coatings. If your Special Item does not arrive within 90 days, we guarantee a full refund.

If you have any questions, or if you are experiencing any unexpected delays with receiving your order, please contact us for assistance.

Import Duty Charges

Any charges incurred as a result of importation tax or duties are the responsibility of the customer.  Born2RideClub will not be responsible for any charges incurred as a result of importation tax or duties.

Shipping Delays / Problems

Occasionally, there may be an issue or a problem with shipping, which is unfortunately out of our control, and comes down to the individual shipping service used, and any possible security/customs hold-up's.  If your item has not arrived in the time specified above, please Contact Our Support Team who will be able to assist you further.

We send all of our orders with USPS tracking (United States), and are provided with full tracking details, including final delivery confirmation. We do not accept liability for any orders which are reported missing, undelivered or otherwise where USPS have reported that the order has been successfully delivered.  If you are missing your order, and it has been confirmed as delivered, please contact USPS directly (or your local Post Office) for further assistance. If your order has been delayed, and is still in transit to you (has not been reported as delivered), and there is a clear issue with the length of time it has been delayed for, we will provide a free replacement.